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Krish Suresh (WCAS ‘15), Peer Adviser (3rd year)
Ayla Goktan (BSM ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Dan Leahy (SOC ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Ben Jones (MEAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What are some fun things you like to do with friends?

Krish: Eat, workout, spend time outdoors, play music, go longboarding, watch tv, watch a movie, anything really!

Ayla: Go to the lakefill, go to a coffee shop, eat food, laugh, frolic (aka skip down the sidewalk or in a field in sun, rain, snow, you name it), go to the beach, stay up late talking, watch movies, hug, etc. YAY FUN!!!!!

Dan: Go swimming! See a musical! Get food! Go driving! Get TSno (ask me about it I will explain it to you very passionately)!

Ben: Eat ice cream, play Frisbee, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, poker, go on bike rides, go swimming, have a good talk, go sledding/ice skating or have snowball fights in the winter!

Kevin Wang (WCAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Clayton Shuttleworth (SOC ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Abhi Veerina (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What do you remember most about Wildcat Welcome?

Abhi: Zombie Dance Party with my PA LaTisha!

Clayton: I remember clearly the introductions we did at the very beginning of the week. Everyone was really nervous, and our PA led us through really silly intros, so we all got to laugh with each other (and at ourselves) in a really fun and welcoming way. I still remember a lot of the introductions and do my best to remind my good friends about them as often as possible..


Anna Baran (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Neil Dalvie (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Jon Corin (BSM ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What was your favorite thing about YOUR Peer Adviser?

Neil: He was confident in being a fantastic role model for me.

Anna: My favorite thing about my PA was that his enthusiasm was honestly contagious. The best part was that it was completely genuine because he genuinely loved NU and really wanted to make us feel welcome, excited, and at ease during Wildcat Welcome.

Jon: He was always available to support me, answer questions, and just hangout if I was bored or feeling lonely!

Aakash Shah (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Kevin Nigarura (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Jules Cantor (SOC ‘15), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What is your favorite Northwestern memory?

Jules: My favorite Northwestern memories are the little things like staying up until 3 am working in the library with my best friends, or days on the beach during spring quarter. I don’t necessarily have one “WOW this is college kind of moment,” but will always remember the moments where I’ve felt at home with people I’ve come to care greatly about.

Kevin: Block 10 of my freshmen year Dance Marathon. The energy was incredibly contagious and I have never felt closer to the Northwestern community than when the final amount of money was announced for Danny Did.

Aakash: My favorite memory includes all of my closest friends surprising me in my dorm room at midnight on my birthday. It felt nice that all of those people were there for me!

Tips For Thriving at Northwestern

We know you are all just itching to be on campus- and we’re only a short 19 days away- but don’t let yourself stress about the academic stuff at NU- from office hours to study groups, choosing classes you love, reaching out to your PA and faculty advisers, etc, here are some tips to remind you that OF COURSE you’re smart enough to thrive at Northwestern!

We’ve adapted information, advice, and resources provided by the Searle Center

Be purposeful. In high school, maybe you didn’t think “strategy” when it comes to study time, but purposeful planning can make a big impact on the quality of studying. Studies have shown that students who are purposeful in managing their time have better grade outcomes, and feel happier and more optimistic, than students who take a more off-the-cuff approach. Fact is, some of us did just fine off-the-cuff in high school and didn’t have to worry about this, so this is something that may need to change around at NU!

Use your resources. Professors really want to help you learn. Go to office hours with a few prepared questions, and you’ll leave a changed student! Beyond that, Northwestern has a ton of tutoring and group study resources that are super helpful. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all those details during Wildcat Welcome! So rest easy, you’re in good hands.

Prioritize. Experts say that setting priorities is the first step in time management. Think about what activities will contribute to your learning most, including not just your own study time, but also studying with others, visiting faculty office hours, or attending tutoring sessions.

Find what works for you. We all learn differently. So think about what you’ve done in the past that did work really well, and consider how you can apply that to your classes at NU. Only you know yourself best!

Create a master schedule. Create a calendar for the term. Include all the things you want to do, including classes, involvement and work. Go through your syllabi and note all quizzes, midterms and due dates. This might feel overwhelming when you sit down and look at everything you’re about to accomplish, but having it all in front of you will help you keep organized and will actually be totally relaxing. Northwestern is your oyster!

Take time for yourself. Remember to allow time for relaxation, health, exercise, and spending time with family or friends. Try not to over-commit. Northwestern is a world-class research institution with top-tier academics, but never forget that learning is a piece of that larger puzzle we call life. When you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, the academic piece will fit best!

Y’all Wildcats are gonna change the world! We can’t wait to meet you and see you fill our campus this fall.

Amakie Amattey (WCAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Kelly Satterlee (MEAS ‘15), Peer Adviser (3rd year)
Calvin Dorsey (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Nicole Reed (SESP ‘15), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What are some fun things you like to do with friends?

Amakie: Walk on the lake front path (lake shore drive), eat, wander around the city until something interesting happens (this doesn’t take long in Chicago)

Kelly: Hang out in downtown Chicago, try new restaurants, binge watch movies/shows on Netflix.

Calvin: Watch stand up. Chill on the beach. Eat at new restaurants.

Nicole: Go bowling, watch Netflix, eat, cook, bake

Aarohi Shah (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Tyler Pager (Medill ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Alexandra Woodhouse (MEAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What is the best dining hall concoction?

Aarohi: Does hot cookie bar count?

Tyler: Hot cookie bar (Editor’s Note: apparently it does count, Aarohi).

Alexandra: That time the chef from Finland (?) came and made salad with amazing avocado in it

Jon Bricker (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Kevin Rosenthal (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Katie Nodjimbadem (Medill ‘15), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What do you remember most about Wildcat Welcome?

Jon: All of the ENUs and breakout sessions to discuss them.

Kevin: March through the arch!

Katie: March through the arch and the class picture!

Teresa Balistreri (Medill ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Forest Polchow (Transfer ‘15), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Evan Rosati (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)

What was your favorite thing about YOUR Peer Adviser?

Teresa: They have been super available all year and were so enthusiastic about Northwestern. They were our friends and leaders during WW, they weren’t super authoritative - they let us joke around and have fun.

Forest: She did a great job of giving an unbiased opinion about Northwestern’s opportunities.

Evan: He is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met and always knew the right things to say. Even last year when I was a first time PA, he was always the perfect resource. He helped me become acclimated to Northwestern and helped be succeed as a Peer Adviser.

Mike Fuentes (WCAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Natalie Robinson (WCAS ‘15), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Esteban Doyle (MEAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What is your favorite Northwestern memory?

Mike: Dillo Day!

Natalie: Homecoming 2013. Even though we didn’t win, it was the most school spirit packed into one three-hour game that I’ve ever experienced. #gocats

Esteban: My favorite Northwestern memory would have to be going through Wildcat Welcome. The whole week went by so fast, but it was a great time. I met my roommate, the guys on my floor, my PA group, and some of those people became my closest friends here. I felt comfortable here, and knew right away that Northwestern was going to be a second home for me.