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Alek Rinholm (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Cory Borgman (SOC ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Michaela Kastelman (WCAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What is the best dining hall concoction?

Alek: If I had to pick, probably grilled chicken at Sargent!

Cory: Chicken parm sandwich, or really any of the special sandwiches that they make, with a side of the home made potato chips. Then for the second plate some pasta or the lyonnaise potatoes that Sarg makes (yes I know, a lot of carbs). Ending with a make your own chipwich with the soft serve machine or on of their special cup cakes. MMMMMM.

Michaela: Sargent’s M&M Brownies duh!

Jen Reese (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Jordan Susskind (MEAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Kieara Reed (SESP ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What are some fun things you like to do with friends?

Jen: Beach, movies, Dr. Who, Froyo, eating, crafting, paint fights!

Jordan: I love hiking and running with friends. I also love exploring the city (whichever one is nearest) and shopping doesn’t hurt either. Frankly I’m content with just sitting in a room with friends joking around.

Kieara: Eat, swim, shop, play board games, go to an arcade, anything!

Nevil George (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Alex Qin (BSM ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Iris Hsu (SOC ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What do you remember most about Wildcat Welcome?

Nevil: EssentialNU about diversity - that was awesome.

Alex: When my PA kids bought me a football jersey from the campus bookstore with the #7 to celebrate the end of Wildcat Welcome since we were Group 7 ☺

Iris: Chilling in Millenium Park!

Nick Prose (SOC ‘16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Bryan Berger (MEAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Noah Star (WCAS ‘16), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What was your favorite thing about YOUR Peer Adviser?

Nick: Right off the bat, she made herself extremely available to us and was so helpful and welcoming. Plus, she fostered a great environment and some of the people in my PA group are my best friends to this day!

Bryan: The e-mails that he sent to us over the summer were funny and got us pumped for Northwestern!

Noah: He sensed that I was feeling disconnected from the group when I was too scared to admit it. He then helped me out by becoming my friend and leveraging that with the rest of the group so I could fit in. What a guy!

Carlin McCarthy (Medill ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Sophie Truscott (WCAS ‘17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Ronak Patel (WCAS ‘15), Peer Adviser (2nd year)

What is your favorite Northwestern memory?

Carlin: #toughone My favorite Northwestern memory has been all the times my friends and I have ended up just sitting around and talking. Sometimes it’s serious like how we grew up and why that’s shaped us or what we want to do with our lives and sometimes it’s just because we need a break to sit down, make fun of each other and laugh. I’ve built really strong friendships this way and you can’t put a grade or GPA on that.

Sophie: The first football game - seeing everyone dressed in Northwestern purple!

Ronak: Woo-au Luau 2012! It is a spring Willard tradition that involves chocolate pudding wrestling in a inflatable kiddie pool placed in the sorority quad followed by a mass sprint to south beach to wash of all the pudding.

Leona Maliakal (MEAS ’16), Peer Adviser (1st year)
MoMo Nkemere (WCAS ’16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Karissa Jhangiani (WCAS ’17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What is your favorite Northwestern memory?

Leona: My favorite Northwestern memory so far is the Holi event that SASA held this year! A lot of hard work went into it and being able to enjoy that on the day of the event was an incredible experience.

MoMo: My favorite Northwestern memory would be the summer days and nights spent in Heavenston sitting along the rocks and enjoying the view of Chicago from Lake Michigan.

Karissa: My favorite memory of Northwestern would have to be the football games fall quarter. As a freshman this year, it was such an exciting time because everyone was so pumped to meet new classmates and the purple pride was raging at every game. I love when the school comes together and participates in the same activity…it really helps me build a bond within not only my class but all of Northwestern.

Kelsey Pukelis (WCAS ’17), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Andy Nwaelele (MEAS ’15), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
Julian Gerez (Medill ’17), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What was your favorite thing about YOUR Peer Adviser?

Kelsey: She made it exciting to be at Northwestern; she was so sweet, funny and honest.

Andy: My PA was actually just super chill. He had a very open mind about what we could do at Northwestern and really helped us to understand that there is no set way to navigate Northwestern. Additionally, he was real— he didn’t sugar coat things and shared his own experience as his own, which I respect.

Julian: They’re all really rad, but my two PAs, Orko and Jaime really helped me transition into this school so easily. They were always available, helpful and most importantly made things fun for me! As someone who doesn’t have any siblings and didn’t have any friends when coming into Northwestern, they were invaluable.

Allison Ortega (Transfer ’15), Peer Adviser (1st year)
Magan Omar (MEAS ’16), Peer Adviser (2nd year)
George Markoulakis (WCAS ’15), Peer Adviser (1st year)

What do you remember most about Wildcat Welcome?

Allison: Meeting my group before March Thru The Arch for the first time. We were all so excited and happy to be there, and we had the whole week ahead of us!

Magan: Last year’s Target run, and when a lot of the PA’s went to Six Flags in one bus. It was an awesome experience and the best bus ride ever.

George: SCAPE